Monday, November 28, 2011

As of Now

So we have been trying to sell our house, well sorta of trying to sell. It has just been on Kijiji and it has been a hard thing for me to let go. I have not really been a fan of living in Raymond but now that we are thinking of leaving it is kind of hard for me to let go! I love having Corey's family so close and same with my family! I love the classic look of my home! The vintage feel but the classic look it makes me so happy to have things in there from his great grandparents, living where his grandma Forsyth grew up it's kind of cool! So him getting into school is sort of bitter sweet for me! He hasn't gotten accepted anywhere yet so that is a bit stressful but we know that it will work out for whatever is best for us in the end. 

Yesterday in Raymond there was a massive fire and CRAZY winds! We honestly thought our house might blow over, honestly that would be fine lol as long as I could still get my clothes... if those were gone I would be REALLY disappointed :) It was kind of scary though just how quickly things can change, especially with how it isn't windy today and the fires are now under control! How fast things change in the world and in our lives! Change is scary for me I'm very hesitant but I guess in some ways it excites me as much as it scares me!

Well Christmas is coming and I am definitely pumped for that! I have been listening to the Justin Bieber Christmas CD and man it's addicting! I have never been crazy for the Biebs but man his voice is making me melt! Hahah...Our tree is partially up, well the tree is up but the decorations are going on slowly! A Family Golf tree is what I have decided to do this year! (thanks mom) We have pictures of us in the tree and Golf ornaments going on the tree! I am VERY excited... AND so is Corey haha. It takes a lot to get that boy excited about something but as soon as its GOLF it's REALLY easy! Last year actually we had our tree up until March because he didn't want me to take it down! haha it was very fun!

Jana and my mom are doing a few programs so I am doing quite a bit of singing this year at Christmas which makes me very happy I haven't done so much singing since we got married and I am feeling a bit nervous about my voice when I shouldn't but I am not used to it as much anymore!!! So we'll see how it goes!

Corey has been working really hard at school and getting grades that reflect is so that is great news for us! He is in the zone right now because everything is SO close..He is getting ready to write the MCAT, he writes it in January so we are praying really hard for that and he is studying really hard for that! He has applied to some med schools and some dental schools so hopefully we get in somewhere!

Well I have just sort of read over this quick and man my mind goes a million miles a minute so I hope that you could kind of keep up with me! 

ALSO if any of you need a great Christmas Present let me know! I can do really cute gift certificates!!! $40 for a FULL pedicure!! That include paraffin wax, it can be 1 hour to 1 1/2 hours depending on your time!!!

Thanks for reading!!! 
Camille Drew

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